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Центр иностранной литературы

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The Oxford Bookworms Library – скарбничка для прихильників читання!


Ця шестирівнева серія книг містить:

  • більш ніж 250 адаптованих та оригінальних оповідань
  • аудіодиски для роботи над вимовою ebooks для планшетів та читання онлайн на Oxford Leaner`s Bookshelf app та на сайті:


  • безкоштовний What`s my level? app для визначення мовного рівня:


Новинка! Унікальний підручник для старшої школи з уроками літератури insight!


Файлы для скачивания:
final_top_10_tips_for_using_literature.pdf (811 Kb)
insight_recommended_readers.pdf (5.4 Mb)

insight– це унікальний курс, який містить уроки літератури на основі творів видатних англійських письменників.
Зазвичай учні, працюючи з великими художніми текстами, досить важко виконують завдання з читання та письма.
Секції Literature insight ознайомлюють учнів з відомими творами та допомагають створити сприятливу атмосферу для їх вивчення.
В прикріплених файлах дізнайтеся про читанки, тематично підібрані до insight та отримайте 10 порад щодо використання художньої літератури.

Новинка! Family & Friends – читанки для наймолодших!


До кожного рівня Family and Friends 2nd edition пропонуємо 4 читанки, в яких ви знайдете:

  • захоплюючі казки та оповідання
  • запитання та цікаві завдання між епізодами для перевірки розуміння тексту та тренування мовленнєвих вмінь
  • картинки зі словами на кожній сторінці
  • версію тексту для театральної постановки

Відео Oxford Big Read – The benefits of reading for pleasure!


Дивіться відео про те як цікаве читання допоможе вашим учням вчити англійську!

Відео та поради! 5 Ways Graded Readers can Motivate your Students!


Jacqueline Aiello PhD (New York University, New York) specializes in research concerning Curriculum Theory, Teacher Education and Teaching Methods. Jacqueline was the lead qualitative researcher in an impact study on the Read On! class library project in Italy.

English is widely featured in students’ entertainment and social media platforms: in Hollywood movies, worldwide gaming communities, celebrity Twitter accounts, Facebook, music and so on. This English – cool, dynamic and exciting – is different from the English students are confronted with in school. For many students, English is just another school subject and, often disengaged, they approach English learning sluggishly or even reluctantly. Bridging this divide, then, is a challenge worth tackling.

An effective way to motivate students to work hard to learn English is by implementing extensive reading projects in language classrooms. As extensive readers, students get to freely choose from a wide variety of graded readers that are at the right level for them. How does it work?

Here are the 5 ways that graded readers motivated students who participated in the Read On! class library project in Italy to learn, use and study English:

1. Love of Choice: As participants in the Read On! project, students chose what they wanted to read from a library that offered a selection of 90+ graded readers of different genres and topics. When students have choice in learning, they become more motivated to do it. One student said: ‘I really liked this project because we could choose the books that we wanted to read, and read them at our own pace, without anyone rushing us. The Read On! library was stocked very well and it included every genre that I could imagine. In short, there was something for everyone!’

2. Authentic English: The fact that English is an instrumental international language might be enough to motivate some students, but research has shown that motivation really kicks in when students feel that their English classroom provides access to the English they can actually use for the things they want to do. Undoubtedly, communicative competence in English is a necessary skill. Reading books at the right level provides students access to both standard written English and real interactions in English, which may include authentic colloquial and informal language. The audio that accompanies each graded reader allow listening practice of this real-world English.

3. Reaching attainable goals: Graded readers make it possible for students to find books at the right level. One Read On! participant explained: ‘It is truly satisfying to be able to finish a book, at whatever level, without needing translators or dictionaries to understand the words or the whole text.’ Unlike other more challenging reading materials, students were quickly reassured that finishing multiple books – even in a foreign language – was an attainable goal and a doable feat. Not only did students feel a sense of accomplishment when they completed an entire book in a foreign language, but they were able to track their progress from one level to the next level as they read more graded readers.

4. Perks of Reading: Before beginning their extensive reading experience, the idyllic image of curling up to a great book on a rainy Saturday afternoon wasn’t quite vivid for Italian Read On! students. Participation in the Read On! class library project allowed students to discover the perks of reading. For example, one student realized that through reading, learning occurred: ‘thanks to the project I started reading the books, and I learned many things.’ Others explored the new worlds – both actual in non-fiction and imagined in fiction – described in the graded readers. Ultimately, as one student said: ‘[Read On!] was able to reawaken in me the desire to read, which I thought was long gone.’

5. Confidence boost: Seeing improvement in performance and outcomes is one of the most powerfully motivating forces. The better you are at something, the more likely you will dedicate yourself to it. Students were surprised to find that by reading extensively, their vocabularies, implicit knowledge of grammar and automaticity in their target language improved. As one student remarked, ‘I believe that [the Read On!] project has helped me learn and develop in a number of ways. It gave me the chance to learn English differently, by having fun. It has also enriched me. Above all it has really improved my English. There isn’t a better way to learn!’ Together, by listening and reading authentic English, students gained knowledge of English and their confidence grew.

Want to set up a class library and get your students motivated? Watch this video by reading expert, Verrisimo Toste, on how to get started:

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